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Weekend Retreats

Counting sheep glamping is excited to announce for 2022 ‘wellbeing weekends’.

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As a NHS worker and Women’s Health nurse i recognise the need for us all to have space and time to recharge, with these words in mind i have designed a package of self care that aims to support women in escaping from the stresses of daily living.

The weekend offers an opportunity to enter a safe and special place to rewind and relax on your own, or amongst a group of girlfriends.

Our minds and bodies require rest to continue with the demands placed upon us, it is often suggested that by doing nothing we are lazy and can trigger feelings of guilt : however if we do not look after ourselves how are we to look after those around us whether this be our home or work life.

I look forward to inviting and welcoming each and every one of you to a weekend of protected time incorporating self care treatments, food and drink set in our small and intimate glamping site.

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